Linda Burney's Sick Game of Family Torture

Linda Burney's sick game of family torture.

By Luke's Army
For the group Give Kristy Her Kids Back !! Maddie Needs Her !! {Official Petition} on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 12:43am
So...... Did bowing to Linda Burney's ( ) belittling demands make any difference to Kristy devoted and desperate attempt to have her family reunited????
 No, and this should be a lesson for everyone who comes into contact with these deceitful and vindictive home wreckers. Do not trust them, especially the department of community services NSW, especially Linda Banshee Burney.

Burney has displayed the depth that her callousness reaches. Her first action in this tragedy, remove parental rights, without a second thought.

This is supposed to be a woman who is all about protecting children, and families. This woman and her department routinely encroach upon countless families unfortunate enough to be exposed to them, and as we have seen, it is certainly a case of "SHOW NO MERCY."

Kristy gave up all of her public support, which had grown at the rate of 500 people per day for a week, after foolishly believing that if she submitted to Burney's demands, it would go a long way to reuniting the family, in this mothers' view, the best possible outcome for her children.

Another lesson to be noted. Do not ever go along with their demands. Burney has never had any intention of reuniting this family, from day one. We have a group here with thousands of people who can see the need for the children to be with their mother.... I can tell you that it could be the whole of Australia in this group demanding the children be returned, and it would make no difference to Burney.

This woman and her team of harpies answer to no one. They hide behind media laws and utilise a corrupt network of senior DoCS NSW staff who like Burney, like to play judge, jury and executioner. They are never wrong in their own mind, and are uninterested in the opinion of absolutely anyone else's assessment. Burney is God, only God is full of love, not blind hatred of her clientel, and no realisation of the traumatic harm which is endured by a child forcefully removed from parents.

To make matters worse, a child is 10 times more likely to die in foster care than in the family home. It is a lucky dip, they may end up with a good foster carer, or they may be taken from the parents who love them, and abused by a stranger, and then moved from stranger to stranger, until they die, like my little boy.

I know from experience the devastation and bewilderment a parent feels when they are helplessly pushed aside by an arrogant, uncaring, hateful, callous, heartless, unmovable and untouchable weapon of mass family destruction such as Burney.

Read the statements from these 5 desperate families from NSW whose lives have been devastated by Burney and her banshees.

All of these people's stories have one thing in common.....

DoCS said they would do this.... AND THEY LIED

What do these predators of the unfortunate have against children being with their parents. The foster system is dangerously overloaded because of this attitude. They can't wait to take the children away, and then do every low trick in their dirty little book of DoCS tricks to stand in the way of loving parents doing everything asked of them and more.

Burney, you are a liar and a predator of misfortunate and disadvantaged children and families. You are a bully, a facist, a rapist of innocence, a parasite of the lowest order. You are a failure in your position as minister, but arrogance allows you to ignore any shortcomings or judgemental errors.

You plough through your own country, your own people, and leave a trail of destruction.

You are an aboriginal. Your ancestors have just been apologised to by the federal government. You exhibit disregard for this apology with your implementation of the same misguided and unfair actions.

The stolen generation was a despicable act of major historical importance, which must be remembered and learnt from. Removing human rights, family rights, parental rights, followed by mindless and unfounded kidnapping with misguided intentions, resulting in a whole generation traumatically attacked by the government with a remedy for their harmful actions not possible.

A government which showed disrespect and contempt to innocent people, wrecking their lives, communities, future. Total disregard for basic human rights and dignity, and they got away with it, because they answered to no one.

So we had the stolen generation. Then the forgotten generation. Another lesson in what happens when the authorities remain unchecked, untouched, unanswerable for their actions. Another generation ruined by beuracracy, deceitfully portraying themselves as the saviour of these people, while stabbing them in the back and leaving them in the gutter to die the moment they walk past.

And now we have the next generation.... The new stolen generation by Linda Burney.

You keep pushing your bullshit down these babies throats, and ignore the parents, give them all the bullshit courses and counselling to go to so they have the impression they are gonna get their children back, then pull the rug out from under them you cruel bitch.

Your a maggot Burney. Fuck off and let some kids who want to go home, be with their loving family.

Sorry to all about my language, but I am not a toffee nosed, uni degree read it in a book and know it all about families and kids, but know fuck all, take my shit out on anyone who I feel like or doesn't bow at my feet, and never have the decency to show the common courtesy of answering emails or phone calls,  like the self proclaimed God of human despair and family abuse, Ms Burney.

I will end with a quote from my greatest hero, Jesus.

Show mercy and forgiveness, not judgement.

You should be helping these people Burney, not laying the boot in. We all have problems, remember that. Taking kids should be a last resort, not a leisure activity.

Linda Burney never had any intention of bringing this family back together, just another in the trail of destruction she has left after years of raping the family unit, answering to no one for her actions.
What matters here is not what the children want, not what the mother wants, not what the public wants, it's all about Linda Burney, and she does not give an inch, ever. Sometimes you have to be a bit flexible with children.
She should be working as a torturer for the CIA, or dentist ripping out teeth, an undertaker, the person who works at the RSPCA and kills all the cute little animals who aren't adopted, a serial murderer in the movies... instead she is in charge of child safety in NSW

I find for an official petiton this image to be very innapropriate at the least any ideas of what would be an apropriate image for the story that goes with this image Di ??? Linda Burney needs to STOP !!! her department needs to STOP. children deserve better services and support to keep them within their family, just ask the thousands of kids that leave state care between the ages of 16-18 and have no connection to ANY family, do they agree with what docs have done by destroying the family unit and breaking all family bonds ?

where are the statistics of all the kids leaving care? how many are happy? how many are lost and have no family connections, how many kids were stable in foster care? how many kids lack stability in state care? where are the statistics that show what docs are doing to families? if the statistics were positive Linda Burney would be showing the positive outcomes to all, as this is not happening one can only believe that there is no such thing as a positive outcome for all the children in careSee More  I think this image is awesome oh and more than appropriatethe image is irrelevant... although clearly a manifestation of the frustration and hurt built up in families that are being torn apart... I hope someone gets the point of the story and something is done soon ‎"Community Services" power hungry heartless blood-thirsty animals

      •  I do apologise for the language, but every now and then people need to be reminded, i am an activist. I can and should do outlandish things. Keeps those cockroaches worried that i may be crazy. My son probably has the largest of hundreds o...f CPS Reform groups in the world. giving me support and resources. I don't want to let my son down or anyone, but my motto is 'I am a loose fucking cannon.' i will sincerely try to calm down a bit, I was just so angry when I heard the latest despicable treatment inflicted upon this family.
          • Thankyou for your comment my friend. Once again I apologise for my lack of finesse, but relish the opportunity of posting this rebuttle. While none of my friends are aware of my efforts to make an impact on CPS reform and see that Luke is ...honored, many who are part of the fb platform are subjected to my relentless quest. I do not talk about what happened to my son. It hurts too much, and People I am with should not be force fed this issue. On fb, you have a choice to read or not. To engage, or turn your back. When you said it will be used against me, you are definitely right. I was told that I can probably sue for around 20 million. Luke can never be replaced with all the money in the world. I would be happy to spend the rest of my life under a piece of tin if it meant I could be in the shadow of my little hero. As you correctly pointed out. Every abused and mistreated parent has their hands tied, and must submit to the torture of watching the obvious trauma experienced by their children after the ensco entrance of docs, There parents usually react by treating their own personal torture as irrelevant. I lost everything I lived for, I have nothing left to lose, my only pleasure is to pursue the reunification of these persecuted and devastated families. For some time all I could contribute was words of support, more than anything else on offer. That is changing. The underground army is growing and strengthening. I have only been doing this for 2 years, imagine when I have been dribbling shit for ten years, if I have to be around for that long.See More

          • I post this link here not to promote Luke's Army, but to show you and others proof of what I am saying.

            This is just five people, I will use the Luke's Army newsletter which goes out to over 3000 people including politicians as senior as the prime minister, judges, CPS reform groups and activists, desperate parents, CPS staff, and the concerned public. I will keep including people who have had their lives ruined like yourself and your children, in the newsletters.See More
          • if you had any regard for Kristy or any of us ,you would be mindful on what you say do or post ...

            I would finally like to point out to you Di that you have to people who like your comment, and I have 14. I am an admin of this group and I a...m so honored to have this responsibility bestowed upon me, and even more honored that this family, and so many others should turn to a foul mouthed lout like myself for help.

            To me, part of the responsibility that comes with this position that I value dearly, is to create interest in the group, to keep interest growing and to continue to increase awareness of what has happened.

            I also believe I need to make sure that people have their questions answered and Maddison and Kristys status available and updated because there is obviously much sincere and genuine public concern surrounding Kristy and her children. This however I leave to the family unless I notice many people asking for an update.

            My roll has changed since I was first contacted, days after the incident occurred. First and foremost, I was there to offer support, and I was disgusted and terrified for Madie because Linda Burney had reserved the right to turn off life support.

            I sent out thousands of emails and alerted every CPS reform group in the world that I could find that I wasn't already a member of, and it was the first time ever that so many groups from all aroun the world joined on one platform.

            Now, I believe my roll as admin is to make sure the group remains active, and interesting. To have people quit in dusgust, says to me that I am not boring people. And when you think that several of the comments I have made received around or well over 6000 hits, I must be doing something right. Matter of fact I can tell you that so far this little pearler has had 7400 hits.See More
            I now sadly need to try and remove my name from this petition and anything to do with this site ... Reprocutions for my family are too great ...:(Your an idiot Di).


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