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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Complaint to the Independent Commission Against Corruption NSW

"Luke's Army.".

This is my complaint to the Independent Commission Against Corruption NSW, regarding DoCS NSW, "Linda Burney"
minister for department of community services New South Wales, Kristina Keneally premier of New South Wales, and Julia Gillard, prime minister of Australia. The link is at the bottom of the page for anyone who has had their children wrongly removed by this corrupt department

The mother who proved that DoCS NSW acted unethically contacted me when her children were first taken claiming they were wrongfully removed. She sold her house to fight for her children back. There were four children wrongly taken.

The DoCS complaints line.

Evidence of corruption shown with thousands of complaints dismissed, or ineffectual. The sole purpose of this service is to offer false security of a safety net, be notified of wrongful decisions, and stay informed of who is aware of the corruption taking place.

Julia Gillard is aware of this corruption but has failed to represent the children and parents who are victims of this corrupt department.

With 20 DoCS workers exposed for corruption, from one case, this is the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of families who encounter this problem are dissatisfied with their treatment by this department.

Julia Gillard has a duty to step in when she is aware of such a travesty.

Kristina Keneally is also fully aware. My letter of complaint to Julia Gillard was forwarded on without comment to the premier of NSW who forwarded it onto the minister, Linda Burney. If I am complaining about corruption, it is corruption to be referred back to the minister embroiled in the corruption.

I have contacted Linda Burney with my concerns on numerous occasions, never once has she returned my call.

The NSW government threatened me with Legal Action for turning whistle blower. This is against the Australian law for whistle blowers, and evidence of more corruption from the NSW government.

I also am aware of the case of Betty Trestain, who has accused the DoCS NSW of using false psychiatrist reports. This is not an uncommon claim from people dealing with this department.

All families assessed by the psychiatrist who was found to provide a false report in the case of Melina Evelyn Skidmore (Vassel) undoubtedly should have their cases come under review, as do the psychiatrists regularly contracted by this, and every department in Australia.

With the millions of dollars spent with these individuals, the fear of losing the golden goose if a psychiatrist does not "come up with the goods, is more than a remote possibility, it is now a reality, as is everything that this department has been accused of overwhelmingly for years with Linda Burney as Minister.

It is not acceptable that this is the only corruption present when so much unethical behaviour has been related to one case, a mother who went to them for help? Persecuted along with her children, by 20 people who are supposed to be there to help.

Somewhere along the way, this whole department has become permeated with the rotting stench of corruption. With the inclusion of 20 people in this corruption, there is no possibility that any staff member of that office is not aware of the wide spread corruption, and for the minister not to be aware of such prevalent and organised misconduct, is negligence on her behalf.

I can assure you right now without seeing any figures, that there was no extreme rise in the number of complaints issued to DoCS complaints line at the onset of Melinas devastation. This did not just begin, but is deeply ingrained, and endorsed by the minister, the premier and the prime minister.

Ignorance is not conceivable. The prime minister has been contacted constantly about the corruption within this department, and the procedure of writing off all responsibility with an email saying go see the premier, is not acceptable.

She knows there is evidence of corruption, and has not acted upon this or followed up on the complaints.

This is not nearly as sever an example as from the premier Kristina Keneally. For a premier who knows of a major corruption occurrence to refer more allegations of corruption back to the corrupt source, is morally and responsibly incorrect, unethical and surely illegal.

Children need to be returned immediately, and a royal commission held into this department. The minister has operated with no supervision or investigation, protected by media laws, for way too long. It is the fault of the premier and the prime minister because they have failed to act immediately upon becoming aware of a major corruption existence.

This is the worst type of corruption in existence, with children being wrongfully removed by evil people. Still it goes on.

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