Cover up by Kristina Keneally Premier NSW and Linda Burney

To have such a chatastrophe and try to keep it as quiet as possible, is another sign of corruption from within the Department of Community Services.

The Premier obviously has every intention of giving the department a bandaid and making this astounding display of blatant corruption, seem as insignificant as possible, which means the department of community services will continue to fester.

A tribunal is organised by the department of community services is about as useful as the DoCS Complaints Hotline. It is inadequate and displays the Premiers willingness to allow this department to continue it's "Reign of Terror".

For anyone not to be concerned of such significant corruption in a department that works with children, is unacceptable. For the Prime Minister and the Minister for department of Community services, blatant negligence, if not corruption.

This department showed it unethical standards once again with this cover up. A tribunal to investigate the 2o people in the office, and we will never talk about it again. The whole department and the complaints which have constantly been dismissed, need to be thouroughly investigated, not a band aid, not a cover up.

The parents need to be reassessed, and all who were involved suspended, pending clearance of their name. If found guilty they should go to jail for the irrepairable damage done by removing a child from a loving family.

"Independant Commission Against Corruption".


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