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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CPS Hiding Behind Media Laws (My reply to the NSW DoCS threat of Legal Action).

CPS Hiding Behind Media Laws

By Luke's Army
For the Group Give Kristy Her Kids Back !! Maddie Needs Her !! {Official Petition}on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 12:05pm
President Obama recently closed 80 sites related to counterfeiting in the US. This was not perceived as censorship, or a violation of civil rights. However, Ms Burney's threats, blackmail, bullying, extortion, call it what you like, shows that this woman is capable of more than just violating family rights, she will also strip you of your civil rights without a second thought and has done so for years.
For people to be aware of the injustices this department inflicts upon families, is unheard rare.
Does this woman think she is Obama, or our prime minister, she is not even the premier, she is a minister who must take full responsibility for this failing department. Oh how infuriating it must be to be told this by a skumbag like myself. I bet you wish you could censor me. I am the sort of person Linda likes to take children off. Yas already got mine Linda.
If I may use the Child Protection System as a reference being that I am familiar with it's shortcomings, they have utilised censorship laws probably more than any other government department in my uninformed opinion. This has harbored them from any accountability for decades, resulting in CPS departments world wide festering into a debauched and deceitful businesses of family persecution.
According to the ombudsmen who investigated the department of communities in NSW, things have remained the same for some time. That would not be so bad except it is in a state of chaos, and has been for years, with Ms Burney at the helm. Hundreds of children known to her department have died.
Bit by bit this system has contrived excuses to appease it's own power mongering direction, an out of control machine which cannot be stopped, and has forgotten it's reason for existence. There is no transparency, and the laws that purportedly are there to protect children, are used by this evil entity to pursue it's own ends, hiding the constant trail of stuff ups and injustices, and the many desecrated lives of the children who ultimately pay the price for their incongruous and discordant approach.
My point is....
You have an example of what happens if even only a small part of a government is given exemption from scrutiny by the courts, the press, and the public. With this privilege comes arrogance and self assuredness from these perpetrators who answer to no one, and the narcissistic belief that they can never be wrong.
Worst of all with their unassailable position of power, they claim no responsibility for their actions, or decisions, good or bad, it is all hidden behind a veil of secrecy enforced by the threat of legal action should the media, the families they have brutalised, or the children they have raped, pursue their iniquities.
So where does the government stop, once it has started to remove websites? A better question is where should they have started???? I believe she should get over this facebook page,
Give the kids back, and if she wants to censor anything, start by removing the child porn off the internet.
This department has had the powerful tool of censorship at it's disposal for decades. This is the common element of all Child Protection Services which are desecrating families around the world. My uneducated opinion is that America is the worst CPS in the world, but Britain has a huge legal kidnapping racket going on, with big $$$ being made for adopting the legally kidnapped babies out.
The babies are earmarked for adoption before they are born, and lower income families are targeted because they cannot afford legal representation. If the mother raises her voice when they come and take the children, she has anger management problems and is a danger to the children. This is not an exaggeration.
Once again, this is all hidden by media laws, and the devastated parents have not only had their babies kidnapped, but without a doubt will go to jail if they say a word, but there are no reporters game to touch it either. This is how CPS has deteriorated world wide.
I believe it is the prime minister's responsibility to have final say when web sites are to be shut down or censored?
In the event of inconsistency between Commonwealth and State laws, section 109 of the Constitution of Australia provides that the laws of the Commonwealth shall prevail over those of a State to the extent of any inconsistency.
Section 51 (xxi) marriage; (xxii) divorce and matrimonial causes; and in relation thereto, parental rights, and the custody and guardianship of infants;
Leave well enough alone. Why does this department need to come in and strip this mother of her parental rights.

"Luke's Army"

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