Julia Gillard Prime Minister, Kristina Keneally Premier NSW, Linda Burney Minister DoCS NSW Under Investigation for Corruption

With possibly the most serious "evidence of departmental corruption" in Australian history surfacing in the department of community services in New South Wales (DoCS NSW), one wonders why nothing has been heard of it. Wouldn't the fact that the handling of just one family's case by DoCS NSW, revealing at least 20 different DoCS workers who behaved unethically, be alarming to anyone.

One of the complaints of corruption by this woman who had her children wrongly removed for six months and abused by the time she got them back, was that she had rung the DoCS complaints line, run by "Linda Burney"
and DoCS NSW, and had never once received the help that she undoubtedly was right in asking for.

The DoCS complaints "Hotline" is a smoke screen and a safety net for "Burney" and her cronies, giving the impression that there is a complaints service in operation, and alerting the department should the need arise to destroy evidence, alert staff who have been caught out, there are many reasons why the department's control of this service must be discontinued, and the responsibility of and independent entity.

Truly distressing is the corruption of everyone envolved in the case, and the reaction of Kristina Keneally and Linda Burney, who have stealthily set up a tribunal, much like the "DoCS complaints hotline."

This incident has proven how much corruption exists, DoCS have become expert at hiding corruption, with Burney at the helm for years.

No, to have an investigation run by an incumbent minister of a corrupt department is unacceptable. A premier who is also dismissive of corruption allegations, is also under a shadow of doubt. Keneally has now come under fire due to unethical handling of the families envolved with the corrupt DoCS workers, and the concealment of the whole alarming tragedy.

I raised my concerns about "this woman's case, and four other families" with cries of mistreatment, with the prime minister, Julia Gillard.

Gillard refused to acknowledge, and referred the matter to Keneally, who referred my complaints of corruption back to the person I was concerned was corrupt. This is surely a sign of corruption in itself.

What disturbs me the most, is the families who they have dealt with in Linda Burney's trademark cruel and tyrannical way, more than likely have had their children wrongfully removed. Every family whose case envolved the corrupt psychiatrist or corrupt DoCS workers, should be shown some respect and informed of this situation.

Linda Burney showing respect to parents, now there's a first.

It is for these reasons I have reported the prime minister Julia Gillard, the premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally, and the New South Wales minister for the department of community services Linda Burney to the Independent Commission Against Corruption New South Wales.

The fact that this organisation was not approached in the first instance of such a substantial exposure of corruption but instead hidden by senior politicians, to me is another sign of corruption.

"Luke's Army"


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