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Friday, March 3, 2017

How to contact Luke's Army and Find Out About Child Protection Corruption

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The Luke's Army website is full of advice and helpful links, also exposing corruption in the child protection industry with articles which will open your eyes.

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The Luke's Army group is full of members who have experienced the child protection system in every way possible. They are keen to give advice and support to all newcomers.

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The Luke's Army page is full of interesting articles related to the latest child protection newso.j..

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  1. child protection have take my 3 foster kids away its amazing how a 14 year old can be listened to and the carers don't get any say just told we were incompetent and the 14 year old made a disclosure and that's it never got to see or hear from our 3 foster kids and our name and reputation as been destroyed all jobs come with working with children checks may as well throw the card away

    1. So sorry to hear this. Sounds like you have been mistreated by the department like so many other foster carers. I hope common sense can prevail.

  2. Hi,

    Please suggest your contact number I would like to discuss something urgent.

    I was shocked when my child called me and said that someone from this department came to their school and interviewed him for 40 minutes! After talking to our child without our knowledge, then they lady called my wife. Now she wants to come home tomorrow and talk to our little one alone as well!

    My number is 0401 720 705.

    i am shocked as we are one of the loving parents. We had some problems with bullying at school and we reported it to school. Surprisingly, one other parent had the same problem in our child's class when someone reported the child to these services.

    1. I rang you just interested in how it turned out?

  3. Hi i am needing advice on how to get my son back. He was removed from my care yesterday at 1500hrs while i had been in a meeting with CPS. They are taking his father and i to court and applying for a protecion order. I am beside myself and have no idea what to do to get my son back. I am not a bad mother and feel that is what they are basically telling me. They say they are there to help yet they are keeping myself and his father away. How is that not doing more damage to my child? Placing him with a stranger, i have no idea where he is or what is happening to him, he is only 3 yrs old. i am concerned that they will not allow him back in my care tomorrow and i have no idea how long this will take for me to get him back. If you can help in any way i would really appreciate it.

    1. So sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to this department. The main thing is do not sign anything. Even if they tell you they are going to take him for longer if you don't sign whatever you do don't sign. You need to get a diary and record everything that happens all meetings and phone calls and emails. Try to do everything by email and not phone so you have a paper trail. Please join the Luke's army group on Facebook for more support there are 2000 people there you know what you are going through. There is a link to the group above this post.


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