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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Here are some helpful links if you are feeling like you have noone on your side.

Linda Burney please give some children back today

It is not gonna hurt anyone if you should back down of some of the obvious mistakes that have been made from within your department. Please offer some of these families an amnesty.

Happy fourth birthday to my little angel Luke Borusiewicz Born 22.9.06 Died 18.1.09

I miss you little man. You are the best son any man could ever pray for Lukey. I am so proud of you. Your personality, the way you played music so good for a little baby. How kind your soul is Luke. I gave you to God when you were born, and with
God is where you will spend your eternity. I am happy knowing this Lukey, so don't worry about your old man son. I love you more than anyone will ever love you Luke. I love you more than anything in the world Lukey Pookey. I tried to get you baclk, I really did, I am sorry Lukey. I miss you so much. Enjoy your eternal happiness my boy.