Happy fourth birthday to my little angel Luke Borusiewicz Born 22.9.06 Died 18.1.09

I miss you little man. You are the best son any man could ever pray for Lukey. I am so proud of you. Your personality, the way you played music so good http://lukesarmy.com/forums/lukes-dad/i-made-department-child-safety-officer-wait-while-i-shot-last-film-luke for a little baby. How kind your soul is Luke. I gave you to God when you were born, and with
God is where you will spend your eternity. I am happy knowing this Lukey, so don't worry about your old man son. I love you more than anyone will ever love you Luke. I love you more than anything in the world Lukey Pookey. I tried to get you baclk, I really did, I am sorry Lukey. I miss you so much. Enjoy your eternal happiness my boy.


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