The Department of Community Services Holocaust of New South Wales

DoCS NSW show festering signs of "Mass Corruption", the holocaust of NSW DoCS continues unabated, and a serious audit the only option. The federal government surely responsible for any worsening from the time awareness of this atrocity began.

An organisation that portrays itself as a beacon of light for children, befriends them, then abuses them, is the equivalent of a pedophile ring.

DoCS NSW does not even befriend these children. The position of parents is wrongly shown as the least important relevance to a child. So many like "myself", can make no difference to the situation of their children who were legally kidnapped.

Hi Melina,
I am still working with your case as a starting point for corruption in DoCS. What I would like to know is did you ever ring the complaints line and who else did you complain to. Because they have been proven to be corrupt, I am hoping this is a way to show that it is to do with the complaints line as well and want to see figures. I am also demanding that the cases of the workers envolved be reviewed, every family, and maybe it will help to bring some kids home. Would you be able to tell me how many were found to be corrupt and their names, or the tribunal still working on it? If you have any other suggestions, concerns or requests, please let me know.
Kind Regards,

Hi ,
in answer to your questions number of people involved who were corrupt is still under hands of tribunal but on my count 15-24 people directly involved in the matter not allowed to disclose names at present.

In relation to the complaints line pfft yes i rang them over a dozen tiime, no real response there are still over 172 complaints which i listed adn gave directly to complaints line, ombudsman and senior docs directors which have never been responded to or answered in any way this i will be bringing up during the tribunal hearing.

when i know better figures and can release info i will

thanks michael


Since when did it become OK for a person of power to permit government abuse to one child, a whole state's children subjected to this is a Holocaust, unacceptable. For the prime minister, or me and you. These people are attacking innocent children and parents.

"Who would do this" to families, Linda Burney can show you a whole department of these people, so can Phil Reeves, the minister for the department of community services in Queensland.

Political motivation (not on my agenda) or jurisdiction not acceptable as a reason for the one person in Australia left for the families of the Holocaust, Australia wide, The prime minister.

Burney, I daresay will end her reign of terror at the next election.

Kristina Keneally, the premier of New South Wales has also stood by and witnessed this tragedy, as my complaint and evidence of corruption originally presented to the prime minister was sidestepped, Gillard denying any responsibility or obligation to the children in NSW, and referring it to Keneally.

Is it not an example of corruption for the premier to refer this matter to the minister responsible for the corruption. This didn't just begin. Thousands of testimonies a year claiming corruption existed, swept under the carpet by this minister, and now her premier and the prime minister.

The complaints hotline is not going to fix this one Burney.

Of least importance to a child is who wins the next election or what DoCS office is theirs, no, because these are totally innocent children. Why would you want to stop a child that you know should be with their parents, and lie, destroy evidence, get other DoCS staff to lie for you, write false statements, get a psychologist to write a fake report. And that was the first time this has ever happened in the period of a childhood since Linda Burney started her position of not only extreme responsibility, and extreme power. Everyone in Australia knows it isn't, including the prime minister.

The mistreatment of families exhibited without fear of reprisal for responsibility of any actions has resulted in a blatantly fraudulent complaints service.

A smoke screen for the corruption coming from these departments. The blatantly misleading name of "Community Services" is as deceptive as the "Complaints Hotline." A front for an early warning system to start destroying evidence. Desperate parents once again being penalised for their honesty and concern.

I rang the Queensland department of community services hotline four days before my son suffered a fatal blow to the head while in the care of a 74 year old woman with three older children who all had serious behavioural problems. I rang to complain to them about the scratches on his face. His mother found scratches on his penis the next day. I tried and tried and tried until he died.

What sort of organisation that allegedly looks after kids, can't even have the local manager of the branch return one of a father's 3 phone calls to save a child's life. The manager, the reunification team leader, the visit supervisor, the DoCS complaints hotline. All within five day of his child receiving a fatal blow to the head.

It is impossible to save your child's life if they are with the NSW or Queensland Department of Community Services. These are the two states in Australia which I am contacted by the most.

I think this psychologist has ruined many children's lives and should go to jail for a very long time, and the DoCS workers. Parental values and rights have been removed, and so has the value of children's lives. People that ruin the lives of many children, and cause death with their negligence, keep receiving less of a sentence than if it were an adult. Little babies scarred or dead forever, the whole of NSW aware of it, the premier aware of it, the prime minister aware of it, and lowly people like me know about it. So does my lowly son.

What will it take, how many little Lukies have to die?

Some other questions:

1.Number of Deaths per year for past ten years (A definite sign if things are worsening.)
2.Number of abused children in foster care figures for past 10 years
3.Number of children removed and removal periods over past ten years
4.Number of children and parents assessed by phoney pschyiatrist
5.Number of children removed who were assessed by phoney pschyiatrist
(A serious form of corruption. This should be thouroughly researched. A pattern must develop which can be looked for to expose more occurences. This is not the only serious claim against a DoCS pschiatrist being corrupt that is currently in the courts of NSW. I personally am aware of this particular case, with the mother resorting to going to a vet for blood tests after DoCS NSW cut off every avenue in the NSW medical sector. She travelled to Brisbane and slept on the street until her appointment with a Vet, the last expert left, the last hope of her child being returned. It is obvious to anyone how much this mother loves the child, as it was with me and Luke, and so many many more.)
6.Number of children and parents assessed by corrupt staff at DoCS NSW
7.Number of children who were removed that were assessed by corrupt staff at DoCS NSW
8.Number of requests to the courts for removal of children by DoCS NSW and %contested by parents unsuccessfully (It is impossible to have your child given back by the kidnappers, and the courts play their part in this travesty)
9.% of complaints by parents confirmed to be substantiated by DoCS NSW
10.Number of complaints per year about DoCS NSW
11.Number of children per year wrongly removed by DoCS with parents claiming children were wrongly removed.
Australia's Tragic Record in the Media

My advice is for people who feel they have been mistreated and experienced unethical behaviour from The Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, The Premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally, The Minister for the Department of Community Services in New South Wales (DoCS NSW), direct your concerns to "Independent Commission Against Corruption New South Wales".

The DoCs complaints "Hotline" is about as honest as the people who run it.

"Luke's Army"


  1. Hi my name is terry Norris, I aware of 2 children on Lithgow NSW who have been removed from care of there parents, these parents do have some issues with heavy drug abuse. Child service have placed these two twins into care of a lady who use her daughter to baby sit at times, this daughter of the docs approved care is a drug dealer canabiss and the narcotic know as ice. Its common widely know in this area that these people use and deal in these substances , know docs came knocking on my door, saying reports of drug use and DV now drugs arnt used in my family we are all anti drug and offern report them to the police, never had the police knock on my door in regards to DV , know docs say they want to work close with us, home visits eta why I do not know as there reasons are erelavent to my family, we are planning our wedding eta. Know I said to this lady I was aware of a situation in regards to aboved mentioned and questioned my concerns with them being able to conduct a heathy honest thorough investigation on my family when they are making drastic mistakes as that's, when I told her of the position they have placed those to twins onto who would only be about 2 yrs old she had a year dwel in her eyes and the sharp deap cutting stair she gave me followed by a clearly angry face told me it was a police matter , in saying so yes it is and but its also there problem from obviously no carrying out there child protection plan with such a flaw, I feel that docs are now being very hard on us for bringing this to there attention, I'm scared these people are going to use there power to make our life very hard. Please I could really use some good advice on what I should do.
    I can also prove that these people are drug dealers!!

  2. I would make sure you record everything and keep a diary of all events. Please join us on facebook for more advice and support...}


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