Girl fights for life after dad's alleged stab attack |

Girl fights for life after dad's alleged stab attack |

This is a cause I have personally taken on after being contacted by friends of the family who felt DoCS was persecuting her. I sent out around 4000 emails and contact over 100 news and CPS activists sites. Here is the news story about how the father stabbed his little girl.

Here is the page we are running on facebook for people to support her and speak out about their experiences with DoCS

This is the note I wrote regarding her treatment by the department of child safety.

You are in my thoughts today Maddie. Please God, give this child the strength to recover and live a full life full of happiness with her mother, Amen.

I have spent the last four or five days devoted to exposing the injustices thrust upon Krysty and her children, I have abstained from dwelling on what was been done by the father, as it pains me to think of any child being hurt.

I have concentrated more on the disrespectful approach displayed by DoCS. No government department, no private enterprise, no individual displays such callous and contemptuous aggression to a distraught human being, struck with such a drastic tragedy in her life. This disgracious and ill-mannered behavior is habitual and commonplace for the hierarchy of the child protection services.(DoCS).

I have been the receiver of this treatment from them, as has most who have come into contact with these banshees. They display impartiality towards parents, which is a sign that they signify the bond between a parent and their child as of little value. Any credible child care worker or parent will profess the invaluable connection that exists between a parent and their child. A child protection officer should be seeking to strengthen this bond, if it should be insubstantial. A child's love for their parent and the reciprocated feelings of the parent toward the child are a healthy basis for a happy childhood. We are mammals, we instinctively raise our young.

What we have witnessed on this occasion, is the refusal to acknowledge that this person, who is only human and makes mistakes like everyone, has been subject to uncivil and disrespectful treatment, from public servants who work with children everyday, for a living.

I wish to point out that these impertinent child safety experts, have failed to show the slightest compassion since the onset of this tragedy. This is a brazen example of why these hateful, malevolent rank and file are causing havoc to families unfortunate enough to be exposed to their unimpressive display of family guidance.

I bring to your attention the fact that the cold shoulder treatment unleashed on this mother was demeaning from the onset, text book DoCS procedure where they refuse to acknowledge parental rights. This snowballs into a cantankerous course of abusive actions whereby this already traumatized family, a mother who has lost the father of her children with no conceivable logic as to why, and the catastrophic possibility that she may lose her young child, as well as the three children who have lost a major source of love and support, their father, with the possibility also for the loss of a sibling, these citizens are all being treated like cows in a mustering station. They have been shown absolutely no compassion or support.

What possible harm could it do to allow a parent to spend the last days of her daughter's life in her presence as much as possible. I'm sorry, but anyone so heartless as to deny the mother and the daughter this tragic luxury, should not be working with children or families, full stop.

This is inhumane and callous. To strip away all rights of the parent, even the final decision on weather to accept the doctors advice on the removal of life support or not. What sort of heinous, depraved individual would be so over bearing and audacious as to take this parental responsibility away and arrogantly assume the responsibility? Someone who should never work with children again.

The people that have represented Linda Burney should not be inflicted upon families or children ever again, what we have all witnessed is heartless and disgusting. The sad, cold truth is but, these despicable characters will move straight onto the next unfortunate families.

We have seen they show no respect for a parents love for their children or parental rights, or a child's love for their parents. These malicious, depraved sick human beings are a force unto themselves. We also have witnessed over these last few days their attempt to curtail public outcry with threats and blackmail of the grieving mother, trying to shut down public support and outcry at their unacceptable treatment of this family. They will sink to unbelievable levels, and they work with children.

My friends, I and so many others who have endured this treatment, are well aware of this abuse of power by evil people who are in charge of children and families. It is regretful that this behavior has been exhibited, but it has exposed the unsuitable work ethics that are ingrained within the CPS.

Linda Burney, you were in charge here. Once again you have sat back and authorised this mistreatment and disrespectful behavior, I am just thankful for so many others to now be enlightened as to the horrific treatment that is unleashed onto parents and children by this evil entity.

Linda Burney, you are a witch. Your inadequacies are inerrant throughout your failing department. Anyone that can sit back and administer these villains of misery has no morals.


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